Yard House Quest – 2011-2012 Season

Drink every beer at the Yard House restaurant in Los Angeles (located at LA Live, across from Staples Center) during the 2011-2012 NHL regular season; starting with the first home game at Staples Center (18-Oct) and concluding with the last regular season home game at Staples Center (5-Apr); 39 games.

These are written non-specific to me, so that you could use them in your own quest as well

  • The list of beers that must be consumed are those listed on the Yard House website, on the beer menu for the specific location you will be frequenting on the day of the first home game. For Example: Los Angeles Yard House beer menu
  • Beers must be ordered and consumed at the Yard House. Beers consumed at the game or elsewhere, such as tailgating or at another LA Live venue, pre- and/or post-game, DO NOT count
  • Only beers consumed on the night of a home game count toward the quest
  • You must have a ticket to and attend the game 
  • Beers may be consumed pre- and/or post-game, but you may not miss any of the game in order to work on the quest
  • Each beer in a sampler (“tower”) counts towards the quest
  • Trying another person’s beer counts only if you consume AT LEAST 3 ounces
  • A companion may taste one of your samplers, but YOU must consume 3/4 of the sampler in order for it to count
  • Tasters DO NOT count; they contain less than 3 ounces
  • If Yard House removes a beer from their menu before the end of the season and before you have tried it, it will no longer be required
  • If Yard House adds beers to their menu before the end of the season you are not required to try them in order to complete the quest

The Yard House website includes menus of the beers they have. The Los Angeles Yard House posted their list here.

I will keep a running list of what I’ve had so far on this page under “Consumed Yard House Beers”

It appears that the Yard House has released a iOS app. A quick look at their video promo of it shows some cool features, including rating and tracking the beers consumed there. I don’t know if it will help me out to track the quest, but I’ll give it a try and then update the information here.

If you have any suggestions for improving or refining this quest, either comment on one of my posts, or e-mail me directly.