Mid-Week Mini-Pub-Crawl: LA #2 (Agenda)

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In December, along with my friends Mike and Jason, I had a successful trip into Los Angeles to explore some of the venues serving up tasty craft beer. (Read about it in my post Mid-Week Mini-Pub-Crawl: LA #1) On Tuesday, January 24th, we’re heading back again, this time with a more conservative plan, that we’re certain we’ll accomplish


Ladyface Ale Companie in Agoura Hills
Although we stopped in on our first LA trip, Ladyface is in the midst of celebrating their 2nd Anniversary. We’re going to stop in to partake of their 2nd Anniversary Ale, scheduled to be tapped when the doors open that day.

Golden Road Brewing in Los Angeles (near the 5 & 134 freeways)
We were able to make a brief visit to the Golden Road Brewing Pub during our first trip, but it was unfortunately it wasn’t opened yet. We’re hoping for some nice weather so that we can actually enjoy sitting out on their patio. If not, the inside of the pub seemed to be a great friendly place to sip a couple of brews also.

38° Ale House & Grill in Alhambra
None of the 3 of us have been here before, and though it might be a bit out of our way considering our other planned stops, I’ve head great things about it and we’re looking forward to checking it out.

Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood
Since The Music Box in Hollywood was shutdown, I’ve been visiting Blue Palms much more frequently and participating in #OccupyBluePalms. (Read my post all about it here.) But, Mike and Jason have never been. We’re planning on making it by in time for an early dinner, timing our arrival shortly after opening.


I’ll be updating my Twitter and checking into my beers on my Untappd account throughout the day’s journey. Keep track of me, and if you’re nearby join us for a pint!

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Blue Palms Brewhouse and Why There’s #OccupyBluePalms

Posted by Darryl | Bars, Breweries & Alehouses, Craft Beer, Restaurants | Posted on January 9th, 2012

Scroll to the bottom of this post for my latest updates about the status of the Blue Palms Brewhouse.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and a fan of craft beer, then you probably have heard of Blue Palms Brewhouse. (On the web at bluepalmsbrewhouse.com, on Twitter @BluePalms_Brew, and on Facebook.)Many craft beer affectionados from outside the Southern California area know of it as well, and make a point to stop in for a visit when they’re in town. They feature a great food menu that includes 9 different sausages, prime rib sandwiches that melt in your mouth, tasty chicken and fish dishes, and much much more. On the liquid side, in addition to a full bar, they feature 24 specialty craft beers and 1 cask ale on draft — all of which are on rotation — as well as an extensive bottle list that includes some rare, well aged craft beers. Trust me… ask to see the bottle list. They’ve passionately done a great deal to help promote Craft Beer in the Los Angeles area. That’s the other great thing about them. In addition to the food and drink, there’s the people. Not just the staff, but all the clientele that continually pack the place wall to wall. If you don’t strike up a conversation with a stranger while you’re there, you’re missing out and probably just anti-social anyway. Blue Palms is truly a community meeting place. Not just for those living in the Hollywood area, but for the craft beer community member as well. CONTINUE READING THE FULL POST

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1st International Stout Day

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Stout Day LogoThursday, November 3, 2011 was the first International Stout Day (@StoutDay), and it gave me an opportunity to not only drink a stout or two (something I could most anytime really), but also allowed me to try several new stouts that had never crossed my palate before. My plan for the day was to visit Ladyface Alehouse in Agoura Hills (@ladyfaceale)– a place I visit somewhat regularly — then dinner at Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood (@BluePalms_Brew) on my way to a LA Kings’ home game, finishing with a stop at the Yard House (@YardHouse) at LA Live after the game — a regular stop for me. I think I was fairly successful in the day’s journey. CONTINUE READING THE FULL POST

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