Boney Peak Brewing Co.

Boney Peak Brewing Co. is located in Newbury Park, CA — mainly in my kitchen and garage — in the shadow of Boney Peak. While the company consist of mainly myself, each brew and bottling session has incorporated the help of friends and family. The effort is a learning process, with expectations of making mistakes, and aspirations of good beer enjoyed by all who taste it.


Batch #1: IPA

Brewcraft Kit
Brewed: 24-August-2010
Bottled: 7-September-2010

Batch #2: Russian Imperial Stout

Brewcraft Kit
Brewed: 8-September-2010
Bottled: 22-September-2010

Batch #3: Scottish Ale

Brewer’s Best Kit
Brewed: 18-December-2010
Bottled: 29-December-2010

Batch #4: British Pub Porter

Brewed: 5-January-2011
Secondary: 18-January-2011
Bottled:  2-February-2011

Batch #5: Oatmeal Stout

Brewed: 28-January-2011
Secondary: 3-February-2011