My 2011-2012 Yard House Quest

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On Tuesday, October 18, 2011, the Los Angeles Kings make their first appearance at Staples Center for a 2011-2012 regular season home game. This is the 11th year that I have season tickets for the Kings, and with 39 home games being played at Staples Center, I’ll be visiting the Yard House restaurant across the street from Staples Center regularly. So, once again, I’ll be making my attempt to try every beer that the LA Yard House has on tap.

The Yard House has 32 locations in 10 states, with each location featuring around 150 beers on tap. I tried to get through them all last year, but because I missed a few games and couldn’t keep up the average number of beers per visit, I fell a few beers short of completing the quest. This year, I’m confident I could do it.

Currently, the Los Angeles Yard House has 153 beers listed on their menu. This includes Hybrid, Rotating & Seasonals; Traditional Beer Blends (e.g. Black & Tan, Black Velvet); and Unique Blends. The Kings will be playing 39 home games during the regular season, which means that in order to complete the quest successfully I’d have to average about 3.9 beers per game, and that’s if I make it to each and every game; lets call it an even 4.

Having 4 beers a night isn’t too much (for me), but having them all in a single sitting could be a little much, especially since it would be likely that I’d have a beer or two at the game itself. Obviously I’ll be doing a little planning for my visits; having a designated driver, doing some of the sampling prior to the game, and getting through some of the tastes of brews by having samplers.

Yard House SamplersI’ve decided to allow their 4 oz. samplers to count towards the quest, which means that I’m less likely to overindulge during one of my sampling sessions while still being able to get through 6 beers. That also means that my liver won’t get overworked.

Unfortunately, not every beer makes it to the sampler menus, which rotate weekly. Really, who needs a sampler of Budweiser, Bud Light, or Coors Light? But, since the quest is to consume each and every beer on the menu, I’m going to have to order pints of these at some point over the season.

My plan is to get through the full list well in advance of the end of the season so that I can then revisit some of the beers that I liked, or try to figure out why there were some that I don’t.

Come back for updates, hopefully by the morning after each game. If you want to see the rules I’m planning to follow, as well as the full list of what I’ve tasted so far this season, see my Yard House Beer Quest Page (also available in the tabs in the header at the top of the page).

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