IPA Day – 2011

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IPA day handoutYesterday, August 4, 2011 was the first international IPA Day. I’m fairly certain that the United Nations weren’t involved in passing any kind of resolution to enact a holiday, and I suspect it’s not going to show up on the puppy/kitten calendar that you’re gonna buy at the mall in October. This “holiday” was inspired by similar events in the wine world and brought into our world of beer by The Beer Wench (@TheBeerWench) & Ryan Ross (@RyanARoss). After you’re done reading about how I celebrated observed the holiday, you can pop over to The Wench’s blog and read about how the idea came about at bit.ly/ipaday_info.

With the 16th Annual Mammoth Festival of Beers & Bluesapalooza starting the day after IPA Day, I knew I had to get a couple of growlers refilled with some of my favorite IPAs. Sure, I was headed to a beer festival, but I’m planning to spend all 3 days up there, and I wanted to ensure that I something to drink for the drive up there in the hotel room too. I had already filled a couple of growlers the day before at Surf Brewery with non-IPAs (Their Wahine White Ale, and their County Line Rye Pale Ale), so I wanted to head over to Ladyface Alehouse in Agoura Hills to get a growler of their Chesebro IPA, and probably a pint while I was there. Little did I know that they had several IPA guests waiting for me. Turned out it was good my calendar was open for the rest of the day.

Greeted with the appropriate “Happy #IPAday!” (hashtag not mentioned) by John the bartender he let me know that they had two flights of IPA guest ales; a flight of singles, and a flight of double IPAs. He was quick to recommend the flight of doubles, as any good bartender would. Putting my growler aside I was soon face-to-face with the first of two flights that I’d be enjoying. (I knew that I’d have to try both flights right away.)

Ladyface Menu BoardOn the flight of Double IPAs I was presented with:
• Drake’s Denogginizer
• Greenflash Imperial IPA
• Avery Maharaja
• Port Mongo

I had never had any of these, so I was looking forward to trying them. John made it clear to all that ordered the flight that Mongo was his favorite. While I and others at the bar attempted to figure out what the “unusual” taste we were tasting in the Greenflash I decided that I liked it better than the other three; but enjoyed them all.

After a bit of a break I ordered the flight of Single IPAs:
• Ballast Point Sculpin
• Firestone Union Jack
• Great Divide Titan
• Lagunitas IPA

Now this was a selection that I was more familiar with, having had the Lagunitas and Union Jack in the past. Out of these I believe that the Great Divide was my favorite, but my taste may have been a bit off due to the double IPAs grazing across my palette first, the Portabello Mushroom ‘Burger’ between the flights, or my recent love and fascination for Great Divide beers (if I remember, I’ll be posting about that fascination in the coming days).

By the time I ended my multi-hour visit to Ladyface, I had more than adequately celebrated the 1st IPA day. A couple of flights, a couple of pints — I also indulged in a pint of their own Ladyface IPA. I hadn’t had it in awhile and wanted to decide whether to get that or their Chesebro IPA in my growler. — some great conversations about IPAs and home brewing, a tasty meal, and my day was now complete. (I’m guessing my liver was also all warmed-up for a weekend of tasting in Mammoth.)

Hopefully we’ll see more days like this: PorterDay, WizenDay, StoutDay, etc., and hopefully they will all get the recognition they deserve!


* ironically, as I started writing this my iTunes, in shuffle mode, chose to play The Offspring’s “The Worst Hangover Ever”, which ends with the lines:

I’m never gonna drink again
I’ll probably never drink again
I may not ever drink again
At least not ’till weekend

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  1. Thanks for choosing Ladyface to celebrate the very first International IPA Day. Hope, after your long nap, you had a safe drive up to Mammoth for Bluesapalooza. As always, savor the flavor, and slowly at those high altitudes! Be sure and drop by the Ladyface tent and say hi.

    • Darryl says:

      Thanks Robyn. It was a great crowd yesterday, all enjoying #IPAday as well. We all should do that more often!

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