Yard House Quest & the Dry Month Ahead

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As I explained yesterday in my “drinking every yard house beer” post, and on my “yard house beer quest” page, I’m working my way through trying every beer on the Los Angeles Yard House’s menu during the LA Kings’ 2010-2011 season. Last night the LA Kings hosted the San Jose Sharks (and defeated them in a shootout!), so it was another opportunity for me to stop in at the Yard House and continue my quest to drink every beer they have. This time:

• Maudite by Unibroue
• Wyder’s Raspberry Cider
• Young’s Chocolate Stout
• a Black Velvet; Wyder’s Pear Cider & Guinness Stout


I was looking forward to this week. The Kings having a game on Monday and another on Wednesday meant that within 2 days I’d get a new variety of beers on the Yard House sampler menus; they change what is on the menus on Tuesdays… or so I’ve been told.

I was a bit saddened when handed the sampler menus. I saw that one contained 5/6 beers that I’ve already had, but I was further disappointed to see that the other was exactly the same as it was on Monday. I mentioned this to our bartender who assured me that they do change them on Tuesdays, and that I “…must not have been here on Monday.” Huh? (Aside from that confusing statement, the service was great as always.)


Since getting a sampler this time around was out of the question I needed to order a few pints to meet my quota. I pulled out my list of what I’ve had so far, compared it to the menu, and settled on a goblet of Maudite by Unibroue to start. My beermate chose a Wyder’s Raspberry Cider. This was a good start since I hadn’t had either*. For the second round we ordered a Young’s Chocolate Stout and a Black Velvet; Wyder’s Pear Cider & Guinness Stout.

I like Black Velvets. I make them at home, and also bring the ingredients to make and serve to friends at BBQ’s and other events. They love ’em. Not only are they nice to look at — when poured correctly the Guinness floats nicely atop the Cider — but they are also delicious. (I’ll post instruction how you too can make them and impress your friends.)

The Raspberry Cider was clean and refreshing, and the raspberry flavor was not overwhelming. This wasn’t surprising since I’ve never been disappointed in any of the Wyder’s ciders that I’ve tried.

Maudite is a Belgian Strong Ale brewed by Unibroue in Canada and served in a goblet. It has an 8.0% ABV but didn’t have an over whelming nose or flavor. I liked the hoppy finish and the overall flavor. I’ve added it to my shopping list.

My favorite of the night though was easily the Young’s Chocolate Stout. I honestly don’t remember the last time that I enjoyed a stout that was quite as smooth and creamy as this beer. There was definitely more than just a hint of chocolate, but not so much to make one think they weren’t drinking a beer. This tasty beer, which seemed a bit like having desert, has easily come to the top of the list of my favorite stouts.


For the next month, the Kings have 10 games on the road and don’t return to their home at Staples Center until 24 February when they take on the Minnesota Wild. This means that for almost a month the quest is on hold. It also means that my visits to the Yard House will be limited since there isn’t much business that takes me into Los Angeles. (Dear Yard House: Ventura County. Just wanted to throw that out there.) I will have to head to LA once or twice in the next month, so I’ll hopefully be able to stop in for lunch and a pint, but anything I have won’t count towards the quest. During this coming month please know… Yard House, I’ll miss you.

* Yes, ciders count toward the quest. Basically, everything on the Yard House beer menu counts.

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  1. Yard House says:

    Wow, this is great! Keep us posted along your journey! Thank you so much and we’ll see you next time you are here pursuing your “quest”!


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